Mainstone Rowland

UK Building Research Establishment, responsible for a wide variety of structural and architectural research focused on current problems and design procedures including, for instance, studies of structural interactions in bridges and framed buildings and structural responses to normal, occasional, and accidental dynamic loads.

consultant on structural aspects of building conservation and restoration, especially of major historic buildings in seismic areas;
Professor/ Visiting Professor of architecture, structures, and structural conservation at University College, London, University of Leeds, and Catholic University of Leuven.

1948-present (in parallel with the above):
extensive historical researches (partly in association with Harvard and Carnegie-Melon Universities) into the history of architecture and construction.


numerous publications of the structural and architectural researches referred to above and related contributions to guidance documents, monographs (such as Planning and design of tall buildings, vol. CL: Tall building criteria and loading, American Society of Civil Engineers, 1980), etc.

a) numerous papers on aspects of the history of architecture and construction including:
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b) books and monographs:
– Developments in structural form, Allen Lane and MIT Press, 1975, Penguin and MIT Press, 1982.
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c) numerous contributions to other books including:
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